Mandamus offers cost-efficient design, development, and maintenance services for portals and e-commerce (B2B and B2C) websites, leveraging key alliances with Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun; a dedicated Microsoft SharePoint CoE; and proven MOSS, SharePoint Object Model, API, CAML, and ASP. Net programming competencies.

Our engineers follow industry-standards-based deployment methodologies and draw on a repository of attractive pre-built layouts and templates to develop portals that brand your business and…Can efficiently handle high-volume transactions with more than 3500 concurrent users. Showcase more than 200,000 products are search-engine and user-friendly have integrated social networking tools have built-in Rich internet applications and silverlight reporting capabilities. Key business benefits of our web portal development services cut development costs, reduce time-to-market with speedy rollout of multiple sites, enhance marketing and sales capabilities with search- and social-network friendly websites.

Mandamus carry on the business of providing solutions and services related to Web-Technologies, Internet and E-commerce, including to design, develop, maintain, operate, own, establish, install, host, provide, create, facilitate, supply, sale, purchase, licence or otherwise deal in Internet portals, Internet networks, Media Portals, Internet solutions, Internet gateways, Internet service providers, E-commerce, Web-site designing, Web based and Web enabled services and applications, E-commerce service provider, E-commerce solutions, E-commerce platforms, E-commerce education, E-commerce technologies and E-business solutions.

Mandamus develop expertise and impart education in the fields of information technology. To identify and acquire/invest in Companies and enterprises including forming joint venture and act as a Holding company in businesses holding prospects of growth including investing in Companies dealing in Telecom Ventures, ISP Business, WEB portal business, IT server farms and hosting business, digital service provider business, IT software development business, multimedia software development business and any other business activity in the areas of telecommunications and information technology.