Out Sourcing

BPO is referred as "Business Process Outsourcing". The act of transferring some of an organization's repeated non-core and core business processes to an outside provider to achieve cost reductions while improving service quality is referred as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). In Mandamus Info Services outsourcing, the outside provider not only takes on the responsibility to manage the function or business process, but also re-engineers the way the process has been traditionally done. Mandamus provides innovative, effective, and high-quality services to customers all over the world. Mandamus outsourcing is emerging as a powerful and flexible approach that business kings can use to achieve a highest range of tactical and strategic aims. Effective outsourcing encompasses much more than just changing who is responsible for performing the process.


An important aspect of business process outsourcing-BPO is its ability to free corporate executives from some of their daily process management responsibilities. By outsourcing their business operations to third party, companies have the following advantages:
• Cost reductions
• Obtain outside expertise
• Meet customer demands

By outsourcing non-core business processes, companies can target on increasing their sales and business, develop new products, expand into global markets, enhance customer services & satisfactions and grow up the business in the global market. Mandamus Info Services concerns with BPO outsourcing, IT outsourcing and KPO outsourcing services.

Client Challenges

• Costly, inefficient and ineffective processes leading to revenue loss and increased time-to-market
• Decentralized and non-standardized operations
• Limited and non-standard technology deployment with growing maintenance and refresh challenges
• Limited availability of a skilled pool with the requisite domain knowledge together with high attrition
• Scarcity of capital