Multimedia Technologies


Efficiency with Proficiency! Mandamus Designers have a strong understanding of various aspects of design of different cultural backgrounds across the globe. The Mandamus Designing Team has generated over 50,000 marketing materials & collaterals such as Brochures, Leaflets, Catalogs, Packaging, Posters, and Stickers in various languages, including German, Finish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Comprehensive Magazine Design Solutions intended for the Print and Digital reading (iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc.) for sectors such as Banking, Fashion, Stardom, Agriculture, and Automotive industries.

Mandamus Multimedia is an extension of Gateway Group of companies, specializing in Graphic Design, Print and Publication, Animation, Website Design, and Development. We believe in being creative and innovative at all times and have a reputation of delivering great services while providing all Multimedia solutions to the client, hence increasing their business.We are also focused in the business of strategic design consulting, multimedia creations, and computer arts.