Corporate Training

Corporate training is always a very good indicator of economic activity, when companies slow down they often cut training spending, and then as business grows they ramp back up to train new hires and leaders. This is among the most discretionary of all corporate spending areas, so it is an excellent bellweather for business confidence.

Our corporate training programs provide holistic solutions and we are committed to a philosophy of excellence.

Our corporate training methodologies include:

Communication Training
Under the communication banner, the range of programs that are offered start with some fundamental ones that cover detailed sessions on language enhancement and the importance of better business communication for work effectiveness. Voice and accent related programs that also include accent neutralization and U.S. and U.K. accent development are covered under this training area. This training vertical also covers programs that focus on the development of specific communication related competencies like public speaking, presentation, conversational English and interpersonal skills for all levels of the hierarchy and for individuals from all domains.

Leadership Training
Mandamus provides an array of Leadership training programs to cater to all levels of leadership. Some of the more basic programs include individual leadership and the importance of demonstrating leadership competencies even as a team member or an individual contributor. The next level of programs caters to first time managers and the band of employees who fall under the banner of emerging leaders. Certain higher level leadership programs focus on leaders who are transitioning between mid and senior management. This range of programs specifically gears individuals and teams towards building leadership competencies at the interpersonal and team levels. The high end leadership programs are ones that revolve around leadership strategy, organization and team vision and all related elements that are needed for senior leadership teams to drive results and ensure that the right values trickle down to all levels.

Soft Skills Training
Mandamus understands that the while the technical dimension is an important dimension of any role in an organization, it is just one part of the whole story. The programs under this vertical focus precisely on developing the people skills and behavioural dimensions of success in any role. These soft skills training programs can be conducted in different grades and different levels of intensity. Some of the simpler programs include areas like corporate etiquette and grooming, campus to corporate and time management. The absolute essentials of being in any organization. A slightly higher grade of programs would include programs like Customer Service, Goals Setting, positive mental attitude and effective listening. Mandamus also offers certain very niche programs that are targeted at the development of specific competencies like creativity, analytical skills, work life balance and accelerated learning.

HR Training
Mandamus has developed several programs that specifically cater to the HR function of organizations, after a lot of research and interaction with hundreds of clients from various industries and geographies in the world. These programs help HR professionals develop the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to perform HR related tasks at all levels successfully. While certain programs like developing interviewing skills and the use of competencies focus on attracting the right talent into organizations in the right manner, programs on balanced score card, performance management, employee engagement and training for trainers help in retaining the right talent and growing it to ensure the organization's objectives are met. Certain niche programs under the HR training umbrella also focus on developing the right HR strategy for the organization and ensuring the successful implementation of such strategies.

The basic premise of these programs is to ensure that HR professionals are able to develop the right set of competencies that are needed to recruit, retain and grow the most effective kind of workforce within their organizations.